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Nah, my eyes are getting the safest, clearest, most optically perfect lenses and frames that money can buy. I wear progressive, high index, glare and scratch resistant, photo chromatic, UV protection, polycarbonate lenses. My frames last years and never go out of adjustment. Because of my work, I'm constantly taking them off and on. I've kneeled on them, set equipment on them and dropped them an uncountable amount of times and the lenses and frames are still perfect. You have to pay for that kind of performance.
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pop out the cheek pieces and put a rubber band around each one. This creates am opening or channel for your eyeglass temples. Move the rubber band up or down to find what works best
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I prefer this style as I have this pair for riding.

I like the glasses where the bridge rests on the nose for stopping wind when my visor is up.

I paid much less for the frames than this price, so shopping around pays off.
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Suh Dude
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I get my glasses on Zenni cause they're like $20.

As for helmet compatibility, just cut out your foam near the glasses stems and you should be able to make anything work.
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