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Originally Posted by stangmx13 View Post
preload does affect ride-height which is position, not length.
Correct, and changing preload effectively changes static weight distribution.
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Stangmx13, sorry I am not able to articulate more accurately.
I do see and agree with most of your points.

So getting back to setting sag, for me I want to have the bike sprung for my weight , sag set so I am not topped out , which will allow the suspension to extend in to a depression or on the downhill side of a rise just a bit. Like wise, being high enough in the stroke so as to not bottom under normal conditions so when I hit pavement heave mid corner with the front suspension loaded (especially a down hill corner) that way there is just a bit of travel left to absorb some of that force keeping my tires on the pavement.
And I am talking street, not track.
Obviously there are soooo many other factors that are intertwined. Like as you mentioned how preload changes ride hight which effects the geometry, CG, etc.
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