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Name: Robbie
Any Firearms In Your Car Sir?
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Moab on my mind
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Name: Yard Sale
Haha, worth sticking around for the ending.

Any firearms in the car?
Does the pope shit in the woods?
That's how this works, man. The one with the gun gets to tell the truth.
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"Is that real leather?"
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Master Of The Darkside
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Motorcycles: I'm not picky.
A friend of mine in Texas teaches a concealed carry class, and always likes to demonstrate many ways you can conceal a handgun for his classes. He's a retired Sheriff and knows most of the guys on the local police forces. He was on the way home from a class and got pulled over for going a little fast, and noticed that one of his buddies was in the passenger seat or the cruiser with a rookie deputy behind the wheel.

Deputy walks up to the car, they start interacting, my friend says "it's my duty to inform you that I am armed" and kid's hand goes to his gun, he asks "Where is it?" and my friend replies "Which one?" Kid's eyes go wide and he takes a step back from the window, and asks "Sir, how many guns are you carrying?"

"Eight" comes the reply and the kid's eyes go wide like saucers and he unsnaps his holster. "Ok, Jerry, enough scaring the rookie" comes from behind the car. They had a nice 30 minute conversation about the dangers of escalation on assertions vs. actions, and my friend was even nice enough to demonstrate how he was able to conceal two ankle rigs, two shoulder rigs, two pocket carry pieces and two in the belt without anyone being able to tell he was armed at all (very easily, at least.)

Made for a good story over beers after a ride.
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2004 Suzuki Burgman 650 (Ingrid Burgman)
2003 Honda VTX1800R (Punkin II- riding the darkside)
2002 Honda VTX1800R (Poor Punkin got smashed by an inattentive kid)

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I love Da Whores
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Name: Bruce
Very amusing!
Proud Dad of an RN.
To be Richer: Earn More or Desire Less.
I have abandoned my search for reality, and now I am looking for a good fantasy.
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