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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Fremont
Motorcycles: 05 SV650 S
Name: Tom Moore
Motorcycle painter

My front fairing is silver and just want to make it all blue.. hoping someone can point me in the right way.. trying not to spend an arm and a leg if possible.

Thank you!
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Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: '18 R1200R '17 KTM690 '07 Bonneville
Name: Jim
I want to do a small repair on my Bonneville's tank, and change the colors.

So I'd like a recommendation, too.

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Name: SweeperBot
I haven't done it myself, but take off as much of the fairing as possible, tape off all areas you don't want painted, wait for a non-windy day, rattle-can, buff/sand/rattlecan, buff/sand, etc...

Rockchips add character, so...
Peter K
San Leandro, CA
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Name: Budman

Give Bobby a try.
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