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Fffffuuuuuuuudggggggeeeeeee. Just saw that video you posted on 12/16/17. Ouch. Yeah, that happened really fast. How fast was he going? Looked like they were both speeding. I have used cars to block me, but I also realize if that car got hit, I'd probably be affected, too.
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Thanks to everyone sharing their thoughts. As a new rider I appreciate what was said here.
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Originally Posted by WLaryDavis View Post
Thanks to everyone sharing their thoughts. As a new rider I appreciate what was said here.
Welcome to BARF.

This is one of my favorite threads for real-world crash prevention knowledge. The kinds of incidents described here really happen. But by taking the extra step of understanding why and learning how to spot the developing situation, you can prevent them.

Case in point: Yesterday, returning from my usual Taco Tuesday stop, I was riding on this two-lane street (Google street view link) in a light industrial area of San Luis Obispo. I was southbound behind a VW camper approaching the intersection in the pic. In that position, it was doubtful that I would be seen by the northbound pickup waiting to turn left. The driver might very well have begun his turn immediately after the VW passed, right into me. So I moved out to the camper's left tire track with a decent following distance. I was in full view, with ample visual separation from the vehicle I was following, so... nothing happened.

A tragic example of obstructed view is described in this BARF thread from 2017. Recent I was reviewing 2017 Bay Area motorcycle deaths in my compilation from NHTSA's traffic fatality database. In this crash, while CHP attributed it to right-of-way violation by the driver, it was also noted that the driver's vision was obscured by the uninvolved vehicle.

To see in real time how quickly a view-obstruction crash unfolds, check out this video. The crash happened here (Google street view link).
It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.
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