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Originally Posted by dravnx View Post
CHP has better things to do then respond to non-events.
Originally Posted by dravnx View Post
The CHP who responded... chatted about bikes for 10 mins.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm quite grateful nothing worse happened, and also pleased to see that my experience on bicycles transferred over so I was able to maintain control after having my rear wheel knocked sideways. And absolutely CHP has bigger fish to fry. That's why I didn't begrudge the two officers that passed by.

But I do think that it's an event when a driver hits a motorcyclist he just didn't see. To my mind, the fact that I stayed upright doesn't take away from the fact that he didn't look, and I think that we should take that seriously.

To answer a couple questions -
"Justice for what?" Well, I was mostly being melodramatic, but I want drivers to know "I just didn't see him" isn't an acceptable response. I get that he was merging and mostly looking for traffic behind him, but "mostly looking" isn't good enough.

"How did this happen?" Totally with you on invisibility, Nate. Best way to stay alive. I've been a serious cyclist since I was 15 and preach that doctrine too. In this particular instance my exit was immediately after his entrance. My best guess is I was slowing for the exit as he was speeding for the entrance. I was past him and the on ramp (not coming up to it), and he hit me from behind which is why I didn't see him. An area for improvement for me is scanning my mirrors more. I might have seen him then.

Thanks for the research, y'all. This forum has been a great place to learn and grow as a new rider.
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Originally Posted by MikeGyver View Post

I guess you missed the point about this was a learning experience.
bike X miles=smiles
smiles ÷ bike=miles
miles ÷ smiles=bike.
It's simple math.
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Originally Posted by MikeGyver View Post

What's more important than chatting about bikes?
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