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Originally Posted by kurth83 View Post
I'v begun to think that gaps are a place where there aren't good avoidance strategies. The best one I have been able to come up with is to be ready to dodge into the gap itself, which depends on a relatively low delta, because you will have to brake and swerve, which isn't a good idea unless the braking part is pretty mild.
I have mentioned, at low speeds, drivers sometimes try to make gaps, which effectively "boxes" you in. There is no gap to pull into. In my opinion, the best maneuver is to have the delta just right so you can brake to a stop. I would not count on a gap being there for you. But if there is a gap, I see no fault to use that space a little to create distance between you and the car on the side, BUT you need to realize that you just decreased the distance between you and the car that is now behind you. You may have set yourself up for an ass pack if a hard brake is in order.

Motorcycling is a balance act, and finding that edge is difficult.
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