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  • It has likely been deleted for running egregiously afoul of the rules below.
    • They sound like suggestions though, you hardnosed overpaid moderator!!!.
      • They aren't
  • No, you don't have to list the title status for your jacket, if an item isn't applicable don't sweat it.

1- Please do NOT make your opinion known in the seller's ad
  • Negative comments about a member's product, pricing, etc. will not be tolerated and such posts may be deleted by moderators. Please keep these comments to yourself.
  • If you disagree with a price, keep it to yourself. The seller has set the price. If you don't like it, don't buy it and move on. If you really feel strongly about it, then PM the seller.

  • If you are interested in an item, feel free to PM, email or contact the seller privately. Feel free to post if you need clarification... however, your post should be in line with above mentioned rules.
  • If you are aware of a serious issue with an ad (SPAM, stolen goods, a frame damaged bike being advertised as a 'never crashed' bike, etc.) please PM a moderator about it.

2- Please DO NOT SPAM the classifieds section on BARF
  • Spamming entails using only the classifieds sections of BARF without taking part in other sections of BARF (regardless of whether the ad is for a personal item or a business.) The appeal of BARF classifieds is to enable and connect BARFers with some established history on BARF to one another.

    BARF isn't craigslist, ebay, cycletrader, etc. Buyers who are looking to buy from random strangers do so on one of the above mentioned sites. Those who only post in Classifieds sections and don't take part in other parts of BARF are no different than any other random sellers on Craigslist, etc., and should use channels other than BARF to try and sell their items.

  • If you're affiliated with a store/shop, please contact budman regarding sponsorship options. ALL non-sponsor commercial posts will be deleted.

  • We encourage the use of the classifieds by active contributing members. New members may post in the Classifieds forum after 30 days and establishing minimal history on BARF. If you actively attempt to circumvent these minimum requirements only to post in classifieds, your account may be suspended. After reaching these minimums, posting only in the classifieds without taking part in other sections of BARF may result in being banned from BARF.

3- Please do not repost funny/strange/not-related-to-you ads from Craigslist or elsewhere on BARF.
  • No reposting of "funny" craigslist ads of "overpriced" bikes/gear, scams, etc.
  • No reposting of any craigslist/other ads if the seller is not affiliated with you!

4- Sellers, for best results... please read and follow these instructions:
  • Do not include the price in the title. You won't be able to edit it later. Put the price in the body of your post.
  • Don't just link your craigslist ad here. Copy/paste your ad to BARF and make sure it includes the info below. (Reason for this: some companies stop people from going to certain 'popular' sites, craigslist/ebay/etc. being some of those sites; other sites may have not-work-safe links that may cause trouble for the viewer; craigslist ads expire after a week or two while info remains on BARF, etc.)
  • Edit your original post and change the price there... many buyers will not look beyond that point if you change the price later on further into the thread. Also, remember to add SOLD to first line of the first post when the item has been sold.
  • If selling a motorcycle/vehicle, include the following in the body of the post:

    - Asking price
    - make
    - model
    - year
    - mileage
    - title info
    - current condition
    - maintenance history
    - accident history.

  • If selling riding gear, include:

    - size in the title of the thread.
    - in your post, include: body weight/height/inseam/waist range that best fits the item.

  • Please use the "Report this post to a moderator" option at the lower right portion of the thread if item is sold or to report erroneous posts or threads, and it will be taken care of.

  • With any indication that an item is sold, the thread will be locked by moderators. It is not fair to other valid ads to be pushed down the list when side discussions bump a sold ad to the top of the list. Moderators will do their best in changing the title and adding a 'sold' to the beginning of the title to save a few clicks for others.

5- Buyers, BEWARE!!!
  • Pricing - Know the current market value of the bike. Check Kelly Blue book, NADA, CycleTrader, Ebay, Craigslist (even though some people on Craigslist are asking non-realistically high prices and will never be able to sell the bike at their asking price), and know what the current market value of a similar bike is before considering a purchase. Consider the maintenance work or fixes that YOU need to do to the bike, and factor that into the price. It is ok to pay more for a bike that has had all of the maintenance work done to it recently, or pay less and get a bike that needs some work, but you must know this in advance and be ok with it.

  • Inspecting the bike: if you are not experienced yourself, have a mechanic or an experienced friend check the bike before making a purchase. Crashed bikes:This is even more important if you are buying a bike that is being sold at a cheaper price with damages that the buyer is required to fix. In these cases, doing a computrack check that will show any frame/fork/geometry damages is HIGHLY recommended. Do NOT simply rely on the information that the seller is providing, even he/she may not be aware of all the problems. Have the crashed bike checked and know what you are getting into.

  • Clean title, Salvage title A clean title doesn't mean the bike is free of serious issues. A Salvaged title doesn't mean the bike may have any problems. Every case is different. Some bikes are seriously damaged in a crash, but an insurance claim is never made on them, so they still have a clean title. Some bikes have had mostly cosmetic damages in a crash, but the insurance company decided to pay off the bike and salvage the title rather than spending the money to fix it. Know what you are getting into and don't make any assumptions based on what the seller is telling you.

  • Registeration: Know about the current registeration status of the bike. Check with DMV if you have any questions about any possible back fees and other title/registeration questions (out of state title, no title with bill of sales only, etc.) before purchasing the bike.

  • Some additional tips: You can find some more useful info here:
BARF Terms of Service // Classified Forum Rules // Signature Rules/Request // Newbie's Guide to Surviving BARF! //BARF Accessories! //Donations to BARF
BARF - Satisfaction Guaranteed ... or Your Money Back!!!
Ride Safe!

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