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Originally Posted by 1962siia View Post
Was there an on ramp to the frwy just prior to this close call? I always find that for the 1/2 mile or so after an on ramp there is often someone trying to wedge their way over to the HOV lane and I scan for it regularly because I know they're coming.
Good strategy.

I'm not a proponent of the left side of the lane normally, especially if there is a concrete barrier. I prefer the right side because I will normally have a longer line of sight and I believe that my headlight will have a better chance of being seen through the side view mirror of the cars in the next lane over.
Headlights in mirrors only work if the driver actually uses the mirror, and if the mirror is adjusted in a manner that exposes motorcycles.

Plus I feel like I'll have more room to react if needed. My speed delta would normally be lower than what was on your video so maybe if I was going to be clipping along like that the left side would be a better choice.
"Room to react" is made by creating space between us and the (potential) threat. Having a large escape path to the left is useless if you cannot get to it.

When it comes to lane position, picture this:
There is a large aggressive dog on your street. This dog has been known to leave its yard and attack pedestrians once or twice a month. Most of the time it doesn't do this, but...sometimes...

Today you are going for a walk and you must walk past this dog in its yard. Do you a) walk on the sidewalk within a few feet of this dog because doing so gives you a large escape route (To run across the street) in case you need it?, Or do you b) walk across the street before passing the dog (to enable you more time and space to react if the dog does in fact leave its yard and moves toward you)?

I agree with you when it comes to keeping your hand/fingers covering the controls in areas of high risk. This of course requires both hands on the bars.
A superior rider uses superior judgment to avoid situations that require superior skill.

Originally Posted by DataDan View Post
Be resilient. After an unpleasant surprise or close call, get your head back in the game quickly. Learn whatever lesson you can and move on.
Originally Posted by cardinal03 View Post
The panties. Unbunch them.
Occam's Razor: The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.
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Name: Daniel
Thanks for weighing in Enchanter. I dont normally post in this section but I think the discussions here are great, so thanks. I want to make clear that I'm specifically referring to being in the HOV lane in normal rush hour crappy traffic, not under every/all conditions. I also prefer the right side of the lane so that my attention is not split between the open line of site ahead of me and the traffic next to me that I'm scanning for a possible lane intrusion. I'm normally pretty close to the vehicle in front of me and on the left side I have less visual information of what the cars ahead and to the right are doing. Is there a car 10 cars up with a left signal on trying to get over that I cant see? If I'm on the left side then I will generally stay back a bit farther so I can see those cars but the scanning between the line of site ahead on the left of the vehicle in front of me and the traffic to my right keeps me over on the right side as well. YMMV and I'm not saying people in the left are wrong, just that my personal experience puts me on the right side more often than not.

Also yes part of my point about my fingers on the controls was about keeping both hands on the bars.
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