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Dashcam setup - Innovv K2, Halocam M1, BlueSkySea DV688, other?

Hey All,
After being hit on Monday (stayed up, no damage to me or bike ), and a very different description from the driver than what happened, I'm looking for a dash cam set up.

I'm open to helmet or bike mount, but am leaning toward a bike mount, hard-wired system over a helmet cam for ease of use. Front and rear facing is a necessity for me, and I'd rather not have to bring my camera in every couple rides to charge it up. That said, I have a Sena bluetooth, so am used to charging devices.

So far I've found these three, all 2 camera setups. Surprise surprise, the expensive one seems the best. Any reviews or recommendations, helmet mounted cams that face both directions, etc.? I saw Budman's Vehicular Assault thread and the Best Action Cam thread.


Innovv K2 - $340

HaloCam M1 - Well, found the review, but can't find anywhere that sells it. Would love a link if you can.

BlueSkySea DV688 - $189
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A friend put the Innov K2 on his GSX-R and posted vids. Says he really likes it so far. I'm running GoPro Hero 5 Sessions front/rear; video of that at bottom along with an example incident I used the video from to argue against his insurance claim on my policy (saying I hit him vs. him changing lanes into me, similar "very different description" situation.)
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I run MEKNIC A7, paid 110, amazon seems to change price daily

It's ok video quality, but cheap and set it and forget it.

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I was hopeful about Innovv when I first purchased it a few years ago. Even was an advocate! But after it crapped out for like the 5th time I gave up and ripped it off the bike. Components were just too cheap, and never intended for the harsh environment and conditions of a motorcycle. Frequent exposure to rain/water/dust/grim, along with constant vibrations, causes multiple points of failure in the system. Longest I ever had it work, unhindered, was about two weeks.

Quality may have improved since then, but I wouldn't hold my breath (or risk my money). Seems they're still sourcing Chinese hardware primarily designed for automotive use with slight tweaking.

It's a PITA, but GoPro is still your best option. At least you KNOW it's going to work. After all, that's the whole point, right?
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Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: 99 BMW R1100R
Name: Ben
Thanks for the feedback, all. I ended up going with the K2. From what I've read of earlier generations of Innovv, this seems quite different. I've been impressed with the quality of the build - the cameras are all aluminum, and are (reportedly) quite waterproof.

I have run into a couple irritations, like the bluetooth only works when the bike's running, not just with the battery on, and the DVR won't hook up to my phone unless I turn cell off. But the number of times I need to do that are pretty minimal.

All told, I'm happy with the video quality, and particularly happy that it's set it and forget it.
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panty sniffer
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I would of went with the GoPro I had 2 of the innovation
Cameras never worked right.. their customer service sucks as well..don’t be depending on them cameras

Load of
People on barf bought the cameras I wonder how
Many of them are still working
Lick my shamrock
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