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More head - less ass
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Name: Haywood
What do you think this featureless AR is worth

Spent almost $1400,
Asking $1000, zero interest here and Calguns.
What's a fair price?
Oh, and is it still featureless? this state.
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Just keep it. Prices will spike again in 2020...
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AR's are similar to classic cars or hotrods.

Those looking to buy either have experience and know what they want to buy and what they want to pay...or they no experience and looking to buy something that looks the part for less money.

And those who are looking to sell often are looking at it from a money-paid stand point; I have this many hours or this much money into it. Nevermind what the market will bear.

Personally I wouldn't buy an already built AR since it's easily done, can be had for cheaper if you wait, and you can build it to your exact desires. But many people do.

But yeah, just wait until election season and it'll jump up again when people get scared of what might happen.
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