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ST Guy
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Originally Posted by 295566 View Post
You only get moto coverage through AAA if you have their highest paid plan, which includes RV's and motorcycles. I'd recommend getting an AMA membership which includes free towing instead of AAA (not too moto friendly IMO)
I wasn't too pleased with AMA tow coverage when I needed to use it. It took them 2.5 hours to get out to me and when the guy arrived, he had no clue how to tie a bike down. I had to put it on the truck (fortunately it ran) and then I had to use his straps to secure it. Probably better that way anyway. And then they wanted to charge me for something and I said screw it and paid anyway even though I shouldn't have had to. YRMV
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I use Foremost insurance on my bikes come with roadside service ... check with the actual insurance company you have .... I also have Premium AAA membership has paid dividends my son 4 wheels......
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they all have issues, i chose coachnet roadside because it has no limits on number of service calls or mileage

and i own too many old hoopties


unlimited towing

No mileage or dollar amount limits – no out of pocket expense when towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility

Coverage includes Member, spouse and dependent children ages 24 and under, and all other personal vehicles owned, rented, borrowed or leased.
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Originally Posted by SFSV650 View Post
The roadside assistance programs bundled with my State Farm policy and Verizon cellphone have towed my bikes and cars with alarming frequency over the past decade, for flat tires, starting issues, brake failure, overheating, and an imploded fuel pump.

It's never cost me a penny. AAA has never seemed necessary given the above. YMMV.
Didn't know this, I use State Farm for the cars, motorcycles, and house. Phone is also Verizon. Will look into this.
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Name: Duncan does Verizon fit in to this?
Thanks! DT
AFM 989
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I just recently joined AAA, also added my son to it as he was headed to CO by car and wanted a safety net for him as well. Here's the bene's listed that was attached to the card when it showed up in the mail. Now I'm not sure what they provide for "Emergency medical transportation" that an ambulance does not but it's good marketing... lol

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Originally Posted by dtrides View Post does Verizon fit in to this?
Thanks! DT
I think he just uses it to call for a tow and SF covers it as part a rider on his policy.
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Haven't used it that many times and it has already paid for itself, been carrying it about 5 years. DMV is an added perk, also saved some money booking cheaper hotel rooms on a road trip recently.

Definitely something that seemed like a scam to me in the past but in reality it has been nothing but positive, and the top tier is cheaper than Netflix at this point.
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I've gotten motorcycles towed a bunch of times with AAA. Sometimes it can take a couple hours for them to find a tower that can do motorcycles, but they've always come through for me. Totally worth the membership.
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I have AMA, AAA, and State Farm roadside assistance. While they're all good for general towing services, I signed up for AAA so I could specifically request motorcycle tow companies instead of generic automotive flatbeds which is what AMA and State Farm usually send out. I've never been able to request a dedicated motorcycle tow service with those two.

Locally there's at least one dedicated motorcycle tow service that's part of the AAA network so that convinced me to join AAA.

The other big benefit of AAA for me has been avoiding the DMV offices for many services.
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AAA depends on your location on what tow you will get. I have the top AAA because of my RV. Needed my bike towed to the dealer in Sacramento and called AAA. They sent Stockton Motorcycle Towing. Pick up set up just for motorcycles, great service.
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While I thing AAA is great one driver dropped my bike while it was on the truck nearly fell completely off. Just as I was climbing on the truck to hold it up while he took off the straps he was too quick and took them off. Sure enough bam the bike goes down bending my brake lever he didn't want to report it so I took all the cash he had on him and got new levers and $25 after all was said and done.
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AAA Premium for me, well worth the money.
I'm looking for 1970 or older Triumph 650 project, cheap and preferably complete. PM me if you have something - will provide it a good home.

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I made use of AAA premium moto tow, they dispatched a moto specific tow truck, super chill driver
got sideswiped and cleaved off my left peg and shifter in emeryville, got a tow home to libmo, minimal drama, short wait
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Originally Posted by dtrides View Post does Verizon fit in to this?
Thanks! DT
When I had a Verizon cellphone (~2010-2013/4?) roadside assistance was included for some reason. I have no idea why. I used the heck out of it.
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