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Be Here Now
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Name: The Koi
First Epic ride with Pops!

So my dad and I have always talked about doing a long ride together. Go for a couple of days somewhere and some epic twisty roads in between. Schedules, motorcycles, life, something has always got in the way until recently when we both were able to get away for a few days together.

We decided to go south. Partly because he had just done a ride North to Oregon/Washington, and partly because we wanted to stay coastal to avoid the heat inland.

Day 1 -

Longest day of the trip by mileage. 295 miles by Google and pretty straight forward. I added in a couple of twisty sections but the goal was to get down to Morro Bay so we kept on the path for the most part.

Bikes loaded up and ready to go. Him on his 2008 Concours, me on his old 2005 Concours.

The drive through the bay area was pretty painless. Some traffic in typical spots that we had to split through, but we followed the BARF SYR campaign and kept it under 50, and under a 15mph delta. First stop was breakfast at the Harbor Cafe in Santa Cruz. Great breakfast, and a really good music selection.

The weather was beautiful, some slight hazing now and then through Monterey but south of that, blue skies and perfect temperature. We wanted to stop at the Bixby Bridge, and when we got close we both were ready for a break. Unfortunately, the bridge that looked like the Bixby, was actually the Rocky Creek Bridge.

Right south of it however, was the Bixby, in case anyone else is going, they'll know to wait another mile.

Next stop for us was Pfeiffer Beach. I had done some research and it was regarded as one of the best beaches of Big Sur. Partly because of the awesome beach, partly because the drive to it was fairly well hidden so not a lot of traffic down there. There were quite a few cars, but compared to the other ones we saw, it was pretty empty overall.

It had a couple awesome window rocks and the tide was right for some great wave shots coming through them. The beach had quite a few people on it, and I can't blame them considering the weather.

The next section was hardest on the butt. We were both ready for a break, however there wasn't any really good spots we saw to stop. I think we were both kind of picky. Needed to be photogenic, have shade, not be overly populated. Nothing seemed right so we pushed through to Cambria to stop at a brewery I had heard about, the Cambria Beer Co. Cambria was a very cute little town, emphasis on little.

Of course, I had to try the beer....... Root Beer that is

We had talked about doing another short loop of twisties, but decided that we'd rather get to the hotel and get something to eat, so we skipped Santa Rosa Creek road and got to the hotel. A simple Days Inn in Morro Bay, but the rooms were decent, and it was within walking distance to the wharf area.

#1 spot we wanted to try was The Libertine, a brewpub with "48 beers" on tap. Though, upon arrival, they really only had 24 beers on tap, in two areas to make 48.

They had some excellent stouts, some interesting sour stours and sour porters, and a Parabola Stout from Firestone Walker boasting 12%.

I had scouted some restaurants for seafood on the interwebz, but upon inspection, neither seemed to be up our alley. Walking down the street though we saw a sign for "All you can eat crab on Tuesdays". Well, it just happened to be Tuesday, and I could do some crab. First order was cold, but the next 6, were all steaming hot and fresh as if they had been in the ocean that morning.
It will forever be known as "The Koi" ~ Carries An Axe

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Be Here Now
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Join Date: Apr 2011
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Motorcycles: 2005 Concours 2002 KLR
Name: The Koi
Day 2 -

Only major fail of the trip was in the morning of Day 2. I had scouted a place called the Otter Rock cafe for breakfast. However, it only opened early on weekends.

Wound up finding a bakery/cafe for a light breakfast and coffee, then we got on the road. Had an epic ride planned so we got up early and got out.

We wanted to avoid going inland, and major highways so had scouted a route on some backroads through Paso Robles wine country area, which was funny being from the Napa Valley. However the roads were epic. Perfectly built for the Concours, and early like it was, there was no traffic to speak of.

Old Creek road leading out was a lot of fun, Vineyard Road and Adelaide, both were scenic beyond anything to describe, and we had them to ourselves.

At the end we got to the almost empty Lake Naciemento, which wasn't much to look at, and after a quick break we headed on to Fort Hunter Liggett and the start of Naciemento/Fergusson road, which has been regarded as one of the better roads in California by some motorcycle magazines we've read.



Sometimes you just can't help but feel the power between your legs...

Something we've often talked about attempting, was to ride side by side and take pics of each other while riding. The roads around the fort were very straight, very clear, and a perfect opportunity to try this out. Unfortunately pops forgot his camera so it was up to me to take some shots.

I had read that this was one of the few places in the world, you had to watch for oncoming tanks while riding. Didn't see any tanks, but there was a hummer that I had to snap one of.

We came across this old timer cruising along as well, and I had to snap one of him, which I'm not sure if he was expecting.

When we were done, we stopped to put away the camera and gear up for the next section of roads. Old timer caught up with us and I was at first worried he was going to scold me for taking his picture. Instead he warned me about taking pictures on the base and of any military equipment. I didn't tell him about the Hummer but we chatted for a bit. He had served on that base years ago and drove tanks. Cool guy.

Wild part of riding through the base, was all the blockades set up with "Live Fire Exercise, DO NOT ENTER" posted on them. We definitely heeded the warning, though I couldn't help but watch for explosions, smoke clouds, or listen for booms. Sadly there were none.

Naciemento Ferguson was an epic road. Very narrow, lots of twist and turns, lots and lots of blind corners. About the time I thought about mentally told myself that I should be careful and keep to the inside on the blind turns, a huge Forest Service vehicle came roaring through waking me up. I kept even more inside after that. Overall we had the roads to ourselves. A couple oncoming vehicles, a couple cars past us while stopped, but other then that, nobody out there. It crept up the hills, and then back down to the coast.

The old timer and my dad both talked about that once we crested, the view of the coast was epic. Sadly, when we crested, the fog hadn't burned off so all we saw was a lot of clouds rolling in.

Eventually we got below the cloud cover, and it wasn't until the last few turns, that we actually could see the water again.

It will forever be known as "The Koi" ~ Carries An Axe

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Be Here Now
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Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Whine Country
Motorcycles: 2005 Concours 2002 KLR
Name: The Koi
Heading up the coast from there was similar to heading down. We wanted to stop, but kept pushing on as we were both hungry from the light breakfast failure we had. I had originally scouted a spot called the Rocky Point restaurant, but had decided it'd be too far and thought we would stop short of that. Soon we found we were close enough to just keep going and man am I glad we did.

The food, was amazing. We both had the Seafood Saute, a dish with Salmon, Sea Bass, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp and more shrimp, on a bed of pesto pasta.

The view, was twice that. We had otters in the kelp, whales swimming past, epic coastline, just was blown away and will make a point of stopping there again, even if it's just to take a look.

Finally we got into Monterrey. Hotel room wasn't as nice as the one in Morro Bay, but it'd do for it's purpose. Stocked up on supplies, got ready, and caught a cab down to Cannery Row.

We both have a passion for Irish Pubs, and first thing we saw was Cooper's. Next door was a sock shop, not the infamous Beau's sock shop, but it'd serve it's purpose for getting a gift for the girlfriend.

We also stopped at the Cannery Row Brewery, which wasn't actually a brewery but more of a tap room / sports bar, and then we found ourselves in the Blue Fin Billiard hall. Some epic games of pool were had, some excellent beers were drank, and good times were had.


Day 3 -

We both got a late start the next morning, but eventually got up and went back to Cannery Row for breakfast at Schooner's. Highly rated for not just breakfast, but for it's Bloody Marys, which were tasty. The view was amazing, and we had a plethora of Otters playing out the window. We had what we first thought was a seal, then a diver, then we realized it was actually two otters, umm, doing little otter business.

And I mean, right out of our window.

Once we got rolling, there wasn't much reason to stop until Santa Cruz. My aunt runs the Beach Shack on Seacliff state beach by the cement boat, so we stopped and said hello. Still overcast, nice and cool, and some free hot chocolate.

Also the only time we took a picture together with out bikes on the entire ride.

Empire Grade up Santa Cruz, was epic. Great road, beautiful redwoods, amazing stuff to see as we rolled through.

Big Basin Redwoods was awesome. I had never been there before, which I was surprised at since I go North to the redwoods all the time. 236 is a great road, though I wouldn't have called it a highway. 1.5 lane unmarked road for miles and miles. Need to go back, the section right north of the headquarters is probably one of the most beautiful spots to take pictures I had seen, sadly we skipped it and kept going as were getting hungry for lunch and Mecca was close.

My dad had always heard of Alice's restaurant. Every motorcycle review, ride report, and recommendation mentions it in one form or another, so stopping there was a treat for him. As always, lots of bikes to look at, didn't see anyone I knew, but it's always hard to make out who's who with helmets on. The guys next to us we noticed had "Poway Motorcycle" on their bikes and we started to chat having lived there ourselves. The miles they had put on their bikes was amazing. 250k on one, 125 on another, 200+ on a third, and 150+ on the last one. They all worked at the shop and would close a few times a year to go on long rides.

One asked how many miles I had on my bike, 38k, and he just laughed. "It's not even broken in yet."

Lunch there was good as always, bison burgers and a final check of the maps for the stretch home.

Oh and some BARF love!

Final road, which was the one I had been looking forward to since I did a ride there a few years back for my birthday, was Tunitas Creek.

I love this road, it is absolutely perfect IMO. Redwoods, creeks, twisties, nobody out there. I still vote this as my favorite road in the bay area. If only it was a few hundred miles longer.

Then, sadly, it was highway 1 to SF. The clouds looked worse than they turned out to be and it was quite warm all the way into SF. We stopped one final time at the Beach Chalet and then went to leave SF. Unfortunately we ended the trip with some messed up traffic. Lane splitting all the way out of SF, and then more of it home. Most people were considerate to me and would scoot out of the way if they felt they were in my way. I had a couple who hugged the line, and usually I would notice they were also on their cellphone as I passed them. Still though, SYR prevailed and I made it home safely. Daddio had a little longer of a ride to his place, and even more traffic the entire way for him, but he too, made it safely.

Final tally.

Total Mileage - 720
Total Hours in Seat - 16
Average MPH - 45
My favorite road - Tunitas Creek
My favorite road that I had never done - Naciemento/Fergusson
Best Food - Rocky Point Restaurant, Carmel
Best Drinks - Libertine, Morro Bay
Scarriest moment - NONE!

Epic ride was Epic
It will forever be known as "The Koi" ~ Carries An Axe

Koi's Adventure Journal
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Eating popcorn
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Very nice OP. Thank you for sharing this.
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Great pics...memorable trip.

Dude, you look great; haven't looked at your Biggest Loser thread lately but it's definitely working!
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I love Da Whores
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Very Cool! Great Post!
Proud Dad of an RN.
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Great write up. My son is going to college in SLO. I think I'm going to do a match on the route you've got here. Did Nacimiento/Fergusson once long ago, time to do it again.
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what's this?
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Very cool!
I live 5 miles from Morro bay and could've shown you around.
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Mr Pepsi
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Those are great looking bikes too!
Brent Johnson
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Awesome write up!
2008 SV650N
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Awesome trip you guys had there! Wish I could get my dad into something like this.

Unfortunately, these days he seems more interested in selling his Harley than riding it out of our zip code

Since it seems you may have missed it, here is a pic of one of the best sunsets I have ever seen taken from a camping trip up Nacimiento/Ferguson I took about a year ago (though I wasn't lucky enough to get to ride that rode on my bike, still was fun as hell in my cage )
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Colorado Mike
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Awesome!!!!! I had the privilege of a long ride with my Dad from Denver to Seattle and back when I was just 15 in '89 (yes on my own bike). And it's a memory I'll always cherish. It's the only long trip we did together. A lot of short rides sure, but the only long one. Don't take it for granted! My Dad had a bad stroke 4 years ago and can no longer ride, and it makes me sad. You should plan more trips!!
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Lifetime memories right there!
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Great Ride

Looks like you guys had a great time.Very cool
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