I'm Craig Hightower's Mom


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Aug 17, 2007
Point Richmond, CA
Dear Friends of Craig,
Your kind and wonderful words about our very special son are much appreciated. He was our only child, so that makes it even harder to lose him. While we cry and reminisce, Max and I feel fortunate that we had such a wonderful son and very special human being with us for 46 years, short as that time has been. He told us many times, that life wasn’t worth living if it wasn’t on the edge. It is ironic, that he did so many things that were on the edge, and that his life ended in this way…going to work, doing what he always did on a Tuesday morning.
There will be no funeral, but we want to celebrate his life in some way. Perhaps in October we can have a gathering for friends and relatives. We will ask his friends to help us organize it and to announce the gathering when it occurs.
Irene and Max Hightower
:newbie Irene and Max!!

We're all soooo terribly sorry about your son's death. :(

Craig was very well-loved and respected by all who knew him and will be missed dearly. :angel

Sincere condolences,

Welcome to one place where motorcyclist join in life on the net and then join in life on the road.

I am so sorry this circumstance brought you to us. The love and respect of your son by so many of our members and his friends is a testament to who he was. I am sure many of those great traits were passed to him by you Irene and Max.

My sincerest condolences and I am sure his memory lives strong in your heart and those of many others. Your son touched many souls.

It's clear that Craig touched the lives of many, and was a great person. My deepest condolences to you and you family, Irene and Max.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hightower,
I am so sorry for your loss. Words can not possibly express the sorrow we all feel. Craig will always be in my heart. I will pray that your sorrow will pass and the good memories will flood forward.

With sympathy,
Renee Gardner